• Author, Health Coach & Healthy Cooking Expert

    “Skinny Chef” Jennifer Iserloh is a leader in promoting healthy, vibrant lifestyles through a diet of delicious and nutritious easy-to-prepare meals.

  • Expert Recipe Developer

    A classically trained chef and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Jennifer is a best-selling author and experienced recipe developer for the most challenging projects.

  • Experienced On TV

    Jennifer regularly appears on TV (Today Show, Fox, CBS and NBC) discussing nutrition, healthy eating, superfoods and related issues.


As a seasoned professional, "Skinny Chef" Jennifer Iserloh has collaborated with and consulted for many of today's top health brands over the last 10 years – including SELF, Prevention, Shape, LiveStrong, AOL, Epicurious, Yoga Journal, Rodale, Harper Collins, Random House, Atkins, Simply Orange, Health Monitor, Health Sherpa, and many more.

About Jennifer Iserloh

Skinny Chef Jennifer Iserloh is a leader in promoting healthy, vibrant lifestyles though a diet of delicious and nutritious easy-to-prepare meals. She is also the co-founder of National Kale Day.

A classically trained chef, certified yoga teacher and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Iserloh is the best-selling author of 50 Shades of Kale and Healthy Cheats, among other books.

She has also generated thousands of articles, blog posts and recipes for publications such as SELF, Health Monitor, Prevention, In Style, People, First For Women, AOL, Huffington Post, and Livestrong. In addition, Iserloh is a nationally syndicated columnist and regularly appears on Fox News, The Today Show and other CBS and NBC network programs discussing nutrition, healthy eating, superfoods and related issues.

Beyond her books, television appearances and writings, Iserloh empowers thousands of people each day to take on a bigger role in their own health and eat more superfoods on SkinnyChef.com — a fountain of news, recipes and advice.

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Jennifer Iserloh - Recipe Developer

Specialty Recipe Expertise

  • Low-Calorie
  • Low-Carb
  • Gluten Free
  • Gut Health
  • Paleo
  • Ayurveda


Adept at using high quality healthy foods, spices and herbs in unique ways to make low-calorie meals taste great. Using both restaurant training and specialized cooking techniques to boost the flavors in foods without making meals increasingly caloric.


Skilled at using low-carb foods to create Atkins-approved recipes that are delicious while using more vegetables. Finding inventive ways to create desserts that feed a sweet craving while hitting low carb targets.

Gluten Free

Using both product and research knowledge of gluten free foods to craft recipes that are delicious and safe for celiac sufferers. Adept at creating g-free recipes that mimic the taste and texture of your traditional glutenous baked goods and meals that are typically off the menu.

Gut Health

Ability to work from complex food lists (including fodmaps and prebiotic foods) to make meals that work to promote optimal gut health along with weight loss. Using cooking methods to ensure nutrients are protected and become more bioavailable for a stronger digestive system.


Using paleo-approved greens and proteins to craft approachable recipes that are both delicious and family-friendly for busy working parents. Also adept at putting a gourmet spin on standard paleo fare to add interest and make it more diverse for foodies who want to explore the paleo lifestyle.


Using the three complex "types" or "doshas" to create recipes that rebalance the ayurvedic types, aiding in everything from weight loss, to skin health and even better sleep patterns. Using a high level of expertise to create menus by season and by type according to a specific dosha.


  • "Special thanks have to to go out to [an] extraordinary expert and colleague: Jennifer Iserloh, a phenomenal chef with a passion for health. Your scrumptious recipe contributions and incredible commitment were a true blessing."

    Joy Bauer, The TODAY Show and author of "Food Cures"
  • "Jennifer Iserloh, you are a most gifted chef! My deep appreciation for all that you have done to work with me to create the most phenomenal g-free food I have ever made and tasted. You have taught me so much! Thank you for becoming part of your kitchen and our family. Your food is simply devine, and your heart is made of gold. You are always welcome in our home, as the kitchen is a a bright place when you are there."

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The View and author of "Deliciously G-Free"
  • "SELF magazine’s contributing chef Jennifer Iserloh has figured it out, and now she shares her healthy-cooking secrets with you, me and everyone out there who wants it all: taste, satisfaction and a healthy diet, not to mention a slender body. With these recipes, cooking and eating right is as easy as picking out the freshest ingredients. This book is a must-have in every healthy woman’s kitchen!"

    Lucy Danziger, Former Editor-in-Chief, Self Magazine
  • "I’m a professional cook and I know how to eat well, but I’m not sure I know how to eat better. Iserloh is my new guru of good eating. I was wary of “healthy” recipes because often they seem to be an amalgamation of intensely processed foods. Iserloh’s recipes aren’t about those imitation, wannabe ingredients. It’s wholesome stuff. Who thinks up this stuff... crazy and crazy good. I’m not ready to give up all my evil ways, but I’ve had my eyes opened and I’m learning that good food doesn’t equal pain."

    Maggie Ruggiero, Former Food Editor at Gourmet
  • "Jennifer is a wonderful chef who really knows how to simplify home cooking. Who wouldn’t love to eat their favorite foods, made from easy recipes, without putting on the pounds?"

    Jessica Seinfeld, Author of "Deceptively Delicious"

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